Responsible fishing means variable catch. Availability of fish may be subject to season, catch limits and other rules, and ocean and weather conditions.

April 11, 2015

Here is some of what we will tomorrow 8am to 1pm! We hope to see you all!

Black Gill rockfish sold whole $5.99lb
Whole Bluefin (boat frozen)
Bluefin loins (around 1lb pieces)
Thresher Shark
Sand Dabs
Thorny head $6-$8lb
Black cod
Albacore chunks $
Whole Albacore (boat frozen)
Live Top snail $2.50lb
Live Rock crab $2.75lb
Live Urchin $5.00lb
Live Jumbo Spider Crab
Live Spot Prawn

Fish cutting booth tomorrow!
There is always the chance of some good stuff added last minute

Market Amenities
NOW featuring 6 total Vendor Booths (moving on up … )